Guatemala Day 1

Posted: July 24, 2011 in The Church

Guatemala day 1


I’ve started to get to know our team a little better as time as gone on.  The weather was beautiful today!! When I woke up this morning and went to the café to try and get Wi-Fi (which is another story), I was able to see the opening of the volcano we are at the base of!  It just blows my mind of God’s creation and how massive things are.  I really want to climb to the top of it and look into the volcano.  I’m totally throwing that on my bucket list!


Today we played a total of three shows.  Got all the sound system things working puppet stage set up and then had a blast from there.  We found out that the kids here LOVE bubbles!  Our team of doctors is coming in tomorrow (Saturday) we meet up with us for the rest of next week.


The place we had dinner tonight was amazing!  We climbed to the roof of it and got a majestic view of so many things!!  The food however… may have been a different story.  First of all, nachos in the U.S are crap compared to these!  I had a chicken enchilada… it was so spicy I was sweating haha.  (Forgot to bring a change of shirt for dinner… oh well)


Overall, it was a solid day.  Got all the kinks worked out in the sound system, even got wireless systems running!  The team’s spirits are high, and we are all fired up for tomorrow to go and do 4-5 shows in Guatemala City!





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