Guatemala Day 3

Posted: July 25, 2011 in The Church

Hey guys!!


Today we went to an awesome Guatemalan church!!  We preformed 3 shows there and were able to play with the kids!! While we were doing that, the medical team was treating some of the locals.  Some how they found out that I’m “kinda ticklish” and they all started chasing me around!  The church was so nice and they made the whole group awesome chicken salad sandwiches.

We then went to a market to go shopping. Not gonna lie… I love bargaining!!!  I would even go and bargain for friends! hahahaha.  Oh! and then I got separated from the group and had to find my way back to where we were staying… that was interesting.  But don’t worry! I made a video of my adventure!


Oh yeah! and apparently my “rapper” name is now – Matty J.


Thanks for the prayers!! Matt


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