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Football vs. Music

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Life Update

5/10/11      1:30 a.m

I know many of you have been asking me what exactly has been going on between music and football with my life.  Well, I have recently transferred out of FAU to UCF up in Orlando.  I have played 2 seasons at FAU (using one as a red shirt year) and now if I want to play at UCF I have to sit out one season per NCAA rules.  Now it all comes down to the question is, will I decide to try out for the team and go through all of that again starting at square one…

God has been doing some awesome things in my life musically.  He’s given me that ability to pick up multiple different instruments and teach myself how to play them.  He’s given me that ability to write lyrics (that may or may not be good).  He’s also surrounded me with amazing people, whom know a thing or two about the industry.

So to answer the original question about what direction is my life going… here it is.  I feel more of a calling in music.  Yes I was on a division 1-A football team (an accomplishment many people dream of).  I can relate to all the student athletes out there who spend 40 hours a week in practice, 15 hours a week in study hall, the 5 am practices etc…  And I would never give any of it up for the world! And if given the opportunity to do it all again, I would in an instant!  But God has just opened to many doors musically for me to sit and do nothing about.