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Worship tip of the week! – Transitions

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Worship

Hey guys! Here’s a worship tip of the week for all you worship leaders out there!!


Church/worship services are filled with transitions! And we all love smooth transitions!  Transitions between songs, transitions between the pastor and going back into music.

Here’s something to think about —-  When transitioning from one song to another, you are not just changing songs, you are creating an environment.  —– An easy way to approach this when picking songs in a worship set, is to try and group them in the same key.  For example….

Song  (key of C)

Welcome/Greeting takes place

Song (Key of B)

Song (Key of B)

Song (Key of B)

Then the pastor gets up to give a message

Song (Key of A)

Song (Key of A)


Keeping songs in the same key will allow you to flow from one to another!


Also!!  Sit down with your speaker or pastor, and find out their closing points so you can be ready to go when he’s wrapping up.  Don’t make him have to call your name so you know when to go back on stage.


Hope this helps guys!!



Blessings,  Matt